Android 13 coming to Google's Pixel smartphones

Android 13 coming

Google's OS update comes a little early this year.

Android 13, this year's major OS update, is officially available as of 15 August 2022. According to the search giant, the update will first affect Google's Pixel phones. It benefits from an official release that takes place a little earlier than usual.

A version 13 to catch up with Apple

The list of additions and changes coming with this year's version of Android is probably familiar to you if you've been following the beta versions of version 13. 

Android 13 coming to Google's Pixel smartphones

These include the ability to customise third-party app icons to better match the wallpaper. A new permission to reduce notification spam is also present, as well as a new option to limit the photos and videos that an app can access.

One of Google's focuses is to catch up with the integrations offered by Apple's ecosystem. Android 13 supports spatial audio with head tracking. However, you will need to use compatible headphones, as is the case with Apple. Google has not yet given a list of compatible headphones. However, they have announced that the Pixel Buds Pro will be updated to offer support for spatial audio.

It will be possible to stream messages from applications such as Google Messages directly to a Chromebook, similar to iMessage on the Mac. The update also includes a feature that allows content from an Android phone to be copied and pasted to an Android tablet and vice versa.

Of course, there are other changes in this version of Android 13: language customisation depending on the application, a revised audio player or the integration of Bluetooth Low Energy. It is impossible to list all the additions here.

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