Best Alexa connected speakers of 2022 Amazon Echo comparison

Amazon's Alexa ecosystem continues to grow year on year. The e-commerce giant now offers a whole range of smart connected speakers, but how do you choose? Which is the best Amazon Echo? We tell you all about it.

Best Alexa connected speakers of 2022

What are the criteria for choosing an Alexa voice assistant?

Naturally, the budget will be your first criterion for deciding on the assistant that will equip your home. To start without spending too much, we recommend Echo, which offers good value for money. Before you decide on a product like Echo Plus, make sure you'll get the most out of it: ideally, you'll need to have several connected devices in your home for Echo Plus to be really useful.

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If you just need a backup device or a small piece of equipment for a studio, the Echo Dot may be enough. But if you settle for this device, you may be left wanting more, in which case the 4th generation Echo may be a good alternative. Alternatively, you can start with the Echo Dot and then give it a second life by jacking it into a better speaker. However, the Echo Input is more suitable for this purpose and, above all, less expensive. 

Best Alexa connected speakers of 2022 Amazon Echo comparison

We've amended our comparison of the best Amazon Echo speakers with Amazon's new price list. The Amazon Echo Dot 3 has left the ranking in favour of the Dot 4, which now benefits from a lower price.

We are now in the fourth generation of Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. But since the release of the first Amazon speaker, there have been notable developments in both design and audio performance. The American company has even developed new types of products (Echo Sub) to complete the range and abandoned certain models (Echo Plus, Echo Input).

Regardless of the quality of sound reproduction, which is constantly evolving, on a purely functional level the latest models of Amazon's smart speakers do not involve any major innovation, as we have noted in our tests. However, the firm continues to equip its speakers with jacks, unlike its big competitor, Google. This is an interesting bias and a distinctive feature that still allows any user to turn their old hi-fi system into a connected device.

Amazon's catalogue remains composed of the Echo (4th generation), the Echo Dot (4th generation), the Echo Studio and the Echo Sub. Depending on the model chosen, the price of the Echo speaker ranges from a single (€39.99) to a quadruple (€199.99). Can we be satisfied with the entry-level model? Is the most expensive model worth your investment? What are the differences between each device? Here are some explanations.

1. Amazon Echo (4th generation), a good compromise for better sound quality at lower cost

  • Price: £99.99
  • Sound: 76.2 mm (3 inch) neodymium woofer and 2 x 20 mm (0.8 inch) tweeters, Dolby sound, 3.5 mm audio in/out
  • Key features: Alexa, adaptive equalizer, ability to connect to Zigbee devices, more immersive sound than previous generation, music streaming (Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify and TuneIn), Bluetooth

The Amazon Echo, at less than €100, is the basic Alexa speaker, the one you can absolutely use to equip your home. The main difference, compared to the entry-level model, is the sound quality, which is much better. This speaker is also a real decorative object: you can choose your favourite colour (anthracite, white or blue-grey) and use it to control the lights, manage the music or find a restaurant nearby thanks to the voice assistant.

Amazon Echo 4 (2020)

This fourth generation Amazon Echo offers excellent sound and interesting additional features, including the ability to connect to Zigbee devices. An excellent price/performance ratio.

2. Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation), a good companion speaker

  • Price: £39.99 or £49.99 with clock
  • Sound: 41 mm (1.6 inch) speaker and 3.5" audio output
  • Key features: Alexa, music streaming (Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify and TuneIn), audio calls with other Echo devices, auxiliary jack still present, Bluetooth

Like the Amazon Echo, the fourth-generation Echo Dot also adopts a spherical shape. This is always a nice aesthetic change and allows for a better resonance. Amazon has also come up with a variant with a clock for an extra 10€. If the speaker is globally good, the evolutions are quite minimal compared to the previous generation. However, we'd like to point out that the price starts at €39.99, which is identical to the third-generation Echo Dot, which is no longer sold by Amazon.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation)

The 2020 Echo Dot is a good speaker. Its audio quality is an improvement on the 2018 version and its new design brings a welcome breath of fresh air. But Amazon sticks to small evolutions and does not bring any new innovative features. In these conditions, the Echo Dot 2020 does not seem to us to be a must-have. It remains an excellent entry point for the Alexa voice assistant and the connected home. But for us, the 2018 Echo Dot offers better value for money.

Amazon New Echo Dot (4th generation) with clock

This derivative of the Amazon Echo Dot 4 has a digital clock. Apart from this feature, it is exactly the same product.

3. Amazon Echo Studio, Amazon's most powerful speaker

  • Price: £199.99
  • Sound: One 25mm (1 inch) tweeter, three 51mm (2 inch) mid-range drivers and one 133mm (5.25 inch) woofer, 3.5mm or mini-optical Toslink audio input, Dolby Atmos decoding and support for Sony 360 Reality Audio.
  • Main features: Streaming audio (Amazon Music Standard and HD, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, TuneIn), Alexa, integrated Zigbee connected hub, Bluetooth

With this speaker, Amazon wanted to take on the other high-end connected speakers. With a larger footprint than the Echo, the Echo Studio manages to sound much louder and distortion-free, which will appeal to those looking for a replacement stereo or TV speaker. You can pair it with a Fire TV Stick 4K to take it further. 

Amazon Echo Studio

The Echo Studio is the largest and most powerful connected speaker Amazon has released. It's also the best in the range in our opinion, but forget about the Sony 3D or Dolby Atmos effects promised by the brand.

5. Amazon Echo Sub, a bass enhancer

  • Price: £149.99
  • Sound: 100W subwoofer
  • Features: Depends on the Echo speaker model

Bought alone, the Echo Sub is not interesting and does not allow you to use a voice assistant. This accessory complements an Echo assistant to reinforce the bass. It is therefore primarily aimed at those who use Amazon assistants to listen to audio content.

Amazon Echo Sub

The Amazon Echo Sub instantly improves the bass quality of Echo speakers. But the stereo pairing of two Echo speakers offers a better music experience.


Finally, the Echo Sub should be reserved for those who are already well equipped with one or more Echo speakers. 

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