Crypto-currency ATMs arrive in the metaverse

A crypto-currency ATM available in Decentraland.

The first crypto-currency ATM has been launched in the metaverse. 

It allows you to simply withdraw crypto-currencies in order to buy virtual goods and land. The device is located in Decentraland, a world well known to virtual world enthusiasts. More initiatives of this kind are likely to appear soon.

Crypto-currency ATMs arrive in the metaverse

Decentraland facilitates access to its cryptocurrency

Decentraland is a virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain, whose local currency is the MANA. It is the first metaverse to offer a crypto-currency ATM. A partnership with Transak made it possible to set up the device. Transak is a firm specialising in crypto purchases.

Thanks to the new ATM, Decentraland users can easily buy MANA. 

It is also possible to convert real money into other digital currencies. These are automatically deposited into the user's digital wallet. Decantraland's MANA can be used to purchase virtual land, enjoy digital services, or invest in NFTs.

The developers were inspired by real life to set up this new transaction system. The Decentraland team specifies that it is possible to top up the account at any time. Previously, players had to exit the game to add crypto-currency to their account.

Other similar features are expected to appear on the platform. 

Indeed, owners of a digital plot of land will be able to equip their piece of land with an ATM. To do this, simply contact Transak by going to their website.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg had stated that interoperability is one of the major challenges in creating the metaverse. According to him, virtual worlds must be compatible with each other. Companies like Transak are moving in this direction by making life easier for metaverse users.

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