Dragon Ball comes to Fortnite

The cult anime collaborates with the battle royale Fortnite.

Thanks to a crossover, the Dragon Ball anime integrates the famous video game Fortnite. Four characters from Akira Toriyama's work will be featured in the battle royale. They are Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Beerus. Players will also be entitled to events and seasonal content.

Dragon Ball in battle royale mode

There are many new features in this crossover. 

Firstly, there's the "Unleash Your Power!" event, which gives access to a series of quests. These unlock exclusive rewards. The objective is to collect all 7 Dragon Balls, in order to unlock the Shenron glider. Of course, there are cosmetics to be won throughout the quests.

Dragon Ball comes to Fortnite
Dragon Ball comes to Fortnite

The contract boards have been replaced by the duel boards. These allow you to challenge another player in the game. Once a duel is started, you have 5 minutes to find your opponent and eliminate him.

Still on the subject of events, a series of Dragon Ball Super episodes will be broadcast on a cruise ship. The broadcast schedule is already available on the internet. A new tournament will also be available, as well as several anime-themed locations.

Crossover means new skins. Fans have already been treated to a Naruto, John Wick, or Ironman skin. The collaboration gives access to four new "outfits", most of which are adaptable. For example, Son Goku can take on several different Saiyan forms thanks to some very nice animations. This last feature attracted a large number of players, causing the game to crash at one point.

We are used to seeing Akira Toriyama's universe transcribed into video games. The adaptations are more or less good and one great game regularly stands out from the crowd. For Fortnite X Dragon Ball, the interest is elsewhere. It's an opportunity to interact with other Dragon Ball fans.

Skins that everyone agrees on

But what really fascinates players are the skins of the four characters mentioned above. Most of them are scalable, and this is the case for Vegeta and Son Goku, who take on several Saiyan forms via a sensational animation. It's this perspective that has attracted players from all over the world to the game... even causing it to crash on start-up and create queues in the process.

On Twitter, the excitement is also palpable, with many fans reacting positively to this unprecedented collaboration. It must be said that since the arrival of Naruto and his gang in Fortnite, anime fans have been patiently waiting for a moment like this.

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