Hide your cash: test of the card game

Who has never dreamed of being a millionaire? Hide Your Cash is a card game that lets you get rich by playing dirty with your opponents. 

hide your cash - contents of the box hide your cash - the cards in detail
hide your cash - contents of the box hide your cash - the cards in detail

The game is published by Grandpa Beck's games, the company behind the very fun Skull King.

Hide Your Cash is ideal for evenings out with friends.

Hide Your Cash Contents 

  • 1 Presentation of the game Hide your cash
  • 2 A word about the creator
  • 3 The rules of Hide Your Cash
  • 4 Opinions on Hide Your Cash

Presentation of the game Hide Your Cash

Hide Your Cash has a playful objective, simple rules and guarantees twists and turns throughout the game. The goal is simple: to become a millionaire, and to do so you must acquire cars, jewellery, or a cabin in the woods. Each player can accumulate possessions, but there is a twist. Opponents can steal everything you have accumulated. The good news is that you can do the same.

A word about the creator

Cache ton cash is a board game published by Grandpa Beck's games and distributed in France by Blackrock Games. Grandpa Beck's games was founded by Brent and Tauni Beck. They have already published 7 card games and other projects are in preparation. Hide Your Cash is their biggest success and their other game Skull King has been translated into 7 different versions.

hide your cash - the cards in detail
hide your cash - the cards in detail

Grandpa Beck's games are designed for the whole family. They are easy to learn and a game usually lasts 30-45 minutes. Among the games they have published are: Hide Your Cash, Skull King and Antiquity Quest.

The rules of Hide Your Cash

Each player starts with 5 cards, the rest of the cards form the deck. The aim of the game is to stack sets of cards (your possessions) to increase your fortune. But beware, the visible set at the top of the pile can be stolen. Hide Your Cash is a turn-based game, each turn you can do one of the following:

  • Build a set: to do this, you have to combine identical possessions.
  • Discard: Discarding means getting rid of a card from your hand, face up, on the discard pile.
  • Challenge or attempt to steal: to steal a set, you place a card corresponding to a set (or a joker) in front of the player you wish to challenge. The latter protects his cards by playing a corresponding possession or joker from his hand.

When the deck is exhausted, play continues until all cards have been played. This is how the round ends. The first player to reach $1000K wins the game. 

Hide Your Cash Notice

The card game Hide Your Cash is a pleasant surprise. It is the very essence of the aperitif game: a turn does not last long, and the principle favours interactions between players. Moreover, the rules are simple and can be learned quickly. The booklet included with the game helps you understand the subtleties.

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