How can you spy on a phone without installing software?

How to Spy on a Mobile Phone Without Access (without installing Spyware)

The short answer.

Is it possible to spy on a phone without installing software?

The answer is yes, and there are tons of examples to prove it. You've probably heard of celebrity phones being hacked, private photos and messages being leaked, or even former German Chancellor Angela Merkel's phones being monitored by US intelligence services, etc. 

State intelligence services can work in conjunction with phone manufacturers to penetrate target phones via backdoors left intentionally or unintentionally by the developers, while professional hackers can find flaws in a system themselves and combine them with other techniques to penetrate the target phone.

How can you spy on a phone without installing software

But what about normal people? Unfortunately, this does not apply to average users, who do not have the resources and technology for these practices. Fortunately, there are still simple ways to spy on someone's phone.

If a site advertises that you can spy on a phone without installing any software and without accessing the target phone, it is 99.99% certain to be a scam. For iPhone, however, it is possible to spy on a device without installing software, I will discuss this in more detail later.

In a romantic relationship, there is nothing worse than committing to a relationship only to find out later that your long-awaited soul mate has cheated on you. Similarly, in a company, confidential data is so crucial that managers need a solution to monitor its circulation among all employees. 

This may involve monitoring the use of work phones by employees, so as to ensure the security of internal data. Finally, individual parents may also need to monitor their child's movements and phone activities to ensure their safety wherever they go. 

These three scenarios have led companies to develop software solutions that, like CIA or NSA technologies, allow remote spying on a smartphone or even hacking into a mobile phone with a number, with software like mSpy or uMobix.

For more information, you can read the mSpy application test or the uMobix application test.

Warning about iPhone spying in 2022

The article below is for informational purposes, I do not encourage spying and I will not give you any assistance to help you spy on your loved ones. It will almost never solve your problems and will probably even bring you new ones. Moreover, it may be totally forbidden to violate someone's private data in your country's legislation.

Now that you know, I can tell you that on iPhone, the best software is probably Eyezy

Warning on espionage in general.

For your information, here is an extract from the legislation concerning espionage: "The penal code (article 226-1) punishes with one year's imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros the fact of violating the privacy of others. These same penalties apply to the interception of telecommunications or the installation of devices designed for this purpose (Article 226-15).

Why spy on a mobile phone remotely?

Before doing anything, you should first know why you need to spy on a loved one's phone. In fact, French and European legislation is becoming increasingly strict on electronic surveillance, so it is essential to know why you are doing this and to define very precise limits. Do you want to spy on a loved one? Do you want to monitor your child? Or do you want to follow the movements of your employees and monitor their telephone activities during work?

These questions will help you choose the right software solution for your needs:

Spying on a loved one

Depending on the circumstances, you have probably already wanted to know what your lover or partner is doing at some point during the day, you want to know their movements and even the content of their phone (SMS, calls, photos, videos...). To do this, you will need an all-in-one software that includes all the spying features that exist today: GPS location, function to hack mobile phone with number.

Locate employees in your company or monitor their phone activities during working hours. Using an online dashboard, you will be able to track the movements of your employees using their service phones. You can even monitor their telephone communication to track the progress of an operation or control the flow of your confidential data. Again, note that European electronic surveillance legislation requires that you let your employees know that their phones are being remotely monitored.

Anyone who is a parent knows how difficult children can be. Fortunately, remote monitoring software now allows you to anticipate any deviation by your offspring by making it easy to track their smartphone and extract any phone conversations with a caller. Again, you can use the GPS location feature or use a special script to spy on a mobile phone without software.

How to spy on a mobile phone without installing software?

Android Device Manager, Locate my friends on iPhone, Google Maps, iCloud, GPS tracking... So many solutions available to you to locate and monitor the mobile phone of a loved one without an application. 

But when it comes to spying on phone conversations or transferring multimedia content, these basic solutions are far too limited to meet your needs. That's where mSpy comes in, as with any good mobile spy software, it allows you to spy on a mobile phone remotely.

Easy to install and very practical for all the scenarios we have outlined above, mSpy offers various advanced features to keep track of your target:

  • - Message monitoring (via iMessages on iOS or the default messaging system on Android),
  • - Monitoring of social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype...
  • - Real-time GPS location;
  • - Real-time listening of calls;
  • - Stealth photo taking;
  • - Transfer of multimedia content from your target's device;
  • - Viewing browsing history.

Hire a phone hacking pro

I've seen a marked increase in the number of people offering phone hacking services without physical access, only with the phone number for a small fee... you just send your payment to this person (often several hundred euros). 

What could go wrong?

Beware, there are many, many scammers out there who know very well how desperate some people can be and want to hack their spouse's phone at any cost. I am offered these types of services every week, so I recommend them to my readers.

The majority are just plain scams and I would never use them, just as I would never recommend them to anyone. And even if they were credible, they would be totally illegal under any circumstances.

Are there real phone hackers out there capable of this sort of thing? Yes, most certainly. But they will be very skilled, and skills are expensive. Probably several thousand euros, and they won't be advertising all over the internet.

These practices are totally illegal and carry heavy consequences if they get caught, so they will do everything possible to remain anonymous. Hacking can be done in a variety of ways, which I will discuss below.

How to find a phone hacker?

The most likely way to find someone offering these services is through a discreet (probably dodgy) private investigator. I don't recommend this.

Hack via Stingray or IMSI Catcher

This method has several names. 

An IMSI Catcher (International Mobile Subscriber Identifier) is sometimes found under the name False Towers or Stingray (originally a brand name for spy equipment).

"IMSI Catcher is a generic name given to devices used to eavesdrop on or spy on users of a mobile network - in this case your phone! Originally used only by law enforcement, they are now much more common among criminals and/or private investigators.

They work (in a very basic way) by posing as a genuine mobile relay and intercepting signals in the surrounding area. They can then identify and target individual phones and hack into their data - sometimes also listening to and recording calls or tracking movements.

The equipment originally cost more than €50,000 but is now available for less than €1,500 - and therefore accessible to many more criminals.

Phone hacking by intelligence agencies

I get a lot of questions from people who suspect they are being monitored by the police or the FBI, seriously! I don't know what they want from me, and I refuse to answer such comments or questions, for my own legal security!

As I mentioned above, these services have proven to use Stingray devices in the past. Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few years, I am sure you have concluded that law enforcement agencies of any kind have the ability to hack into your phone without you knowing.

There have been many scandals and leaks by whistleblowers. If they want to spy on your electronic communications, they can and will do so - hopefully legally, but who knows?

They have the legal right to ask for all the data stored by your ISP or by the manufacturer of your phone - including all your communications and GPS coordinates. This is why criminals use burner phones.

One thing's for sure... they won't use mSpy or uMobix, and you won't know they've hacked you by looking for signs on your phone!

So how do you protect your phone from hacks?

I have a whole Security section on this site dedicated to determining if you are being monitored and how to fix the problem.

For the types of hacks mentioned in this article, here are some basic steps anyone can take to protect their devices.

  • Never leave someone with unattended access to your phone
  • Use a good phone lock application
  • Avoid rooting or jailbreaking your device
  • Use a good anti-virus app
  • Disable Bluetooth
  • Secure your home Wi-Fi with a strong password
  • Use a VPN when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network

A little common sense and a few simple security measures can really protect you from people wanting to hack your device. Protect yourself with simple methods and hope you don't get attacked by a professional hacker!

You know everything - hacking into someone's phone can be done very easily via very easy to access and affordable software. It can also be done via much more sophisticated and expensive methods.

Don't get carried away though, most of the hacking methods mentioned on the internet are inaccessible to most people. Yes, a professional hacker can target your phone, but is that really plausible?

As always, I simply recommend that you stay legal and ethical. Privacy laws are there for everyone, so stay within them.

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