How Gouv youtuber scams subscribers and stole 4 million

The youtuber Crypto Gouv disappears with 4 million euros collected from its subscribers.

Crypto Gouv youtube channel 

The Crypto Gouv Youtube channel gave fake investment advice to its subscribers, before disappearing. Its owner announced on 9 July 2022 that he was closing the channel with the funds invested by his fans. Some 40 people have filed complaints - an investigation is underway.

The YouTube channel Crypto Gouv was reported to have run a scam on several hundred people. The influencer asked his subscribers to join an investment pool. Some of them paid tens of thousands of euros, to reach a fund amounting to 4 million. The problem is that Crypto Gouv walked away with the money a few weeks later.

Bitcoin scams are on the rise

The case of the Crypto Gouv subscribers is a wake-up call: be careful before investing in cryptocurrency. Scams are indeed increasing, to the point of interest to the FBI. According to one report, scams have netted up to €700 million on social networks.

The profits are enough to attract the greed of ill-intentioned individuals. This is the case of Crypto Gouv, a well-known youtuber in the French crypto world. He started by gathering thousands of aspiring traders in Discord and Telegram servers. 

Then, Crypto Gouv promised astronomical gains to them. The barrier to entry was actually quite low, as all one had to do was invest a few hundred euros.

The youtuber leaves without explanation

The pool created was closed on 9 July, with almost 4 million euros inside. Crypto Gouv had spent the last few weeks sharing tutorials, while collecting donations. At the end of the announced deadline, he left with all the payments received. He even took the liberty of explaining to the victims how the scam worked.

The youtuber seems to be well aware of the risks he runs, as he himself said he could face up to five years in prison. As for the victims, they have gathered in a Discord server to help each other and find a solution.

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