How To Play Saints Row - Test sur PS5, PS4, XBox, et PC

Saints Row had left the video game scene since 2013. 

Now the utterly bonkers licence returns to its roots for a total reboot of this Truand Simulator. Does Saints Row New manage to sublimate the déjà vu or does it wallow in the clichés of the lazy remake? Find out in our PS5 review.

Saints Row is on! The publishers have pulled out all the stops for the launch of the reboot of the series!

Saints Row Contents 

  • 1 Pitch - Ooops I did it again!
  • 2 Saints Row and customization - The nerve of its war
  • 3 Gameplay - When crazy becomes watermelon!
  • 3.1 Saints Row 3 version 2.0
  • 3.2 Scarface in Sim City
  • 4 Technical - Do you like cucumber pie?
  • 5 My review of Saints Row

Pitch - Ooops I did it again!

Saints Row is coming to all modern consoles PS5, PS4, Xbox ONE, Xbox Series S/X and PC on August 23rd 2022. The last episode, Saints Row IV, also developed by Volition, dates back to 2013 and the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation.  Although this GTA-like game tended to focus more on the war against aliens, gags and absolute mayhem, the 2022 version returns to its original values. The title is indeed a complete reboot of the first episode, which dates back to 2006.

The codes of the GTA-Like in a crazier and more offbeat version are back in a new environment. In the skin of your fully customisable "Boss" avatar, you will roam the streets of Santo Ileso to shape them in your image. Your Boss, that's you, isn't it, is none other than one of the four losers who make up the bestiary of your scene. You will be accompanied by Eli the smarty, Neenah the geeky Latino mechanic and Kevin the half-naked guy who is a bit of a show-off. 

This team of roommates, frigolite breakers, will have to complete a series of missions in order to pay their rent. At the same time, your character will try to make his way and become known within the Marshall Defense Industries militia.

In short, there's no need to go on and on, the context is sufficiently set to finally engage you in a video game experience that takes place in a fake Las Vegas, where you will have to behave like a completely crazy bandit. Your quest will be to kill, carjack, steal, rush and blow everything up! All you have to do is run your little crime business like any other start-up business, and that's a pretty good idea. So, it's clearer?

Saints Row and customisation - the lifeblood of the game

Before discussing the aesthetics and gameplay of Saints Row, it's worth stopping for a moment to talk about the Boss Factory. This area allows you to customise your avatar, aka Boss, to your heart's content. All the frenzy that drives the DNA of the license is completely there. 

Let's go for the fight in the streets of Santa Ileso!
Let's go for the fight in the streets of Santa Ileso!

You can set up everything. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! Even Pierre Perret and his ode to willy would have lost their rhymes! It goes from skin colour, through outfits, shoulder width, clothes, guns, eyebrow texture, boobs size to the ostentation of your genitals!

As you progress, you can unlock attributes and redesign your appearance at will. Beyond the pure and simple adventure, this space of creativity serves as an artistic outlet. It's definitely a place where you'll spend a lot of time, sometimes with a smile on your face because the possibilities are so insane and deliciously ridiculous.  This is the tool with which the advertising campaign started last July!

The Boss Factory allows you to modify your Avatar from A to Z through all sizes of Wonderbra or DIM underwear!
The Boss Factory allows you to modify your Avatar from A to Z through all sizes of Wonderbra or DIM underwear!

Gameplay - When Crazy Grain becomes Watermelon!

Saints Row 3 version 2.0

Anyone who has experienced Saints Row 3 will immediately find their bearings. The gameplay and handling of Saints Row 2022 are totally inspired by the codes of the 3rd opus of the series. You control your avatar in the 3rd person. 

You run, jump, hit and take control of any vehicle on the road. As you move forward, you can dedicate actions to the arrows of the directional cross. In true Mortal Kombat fashion, you'll trigger cool short animations that look like mini Fatalities. You can enjoy grenade in your opponent's pants and a bullet in the head at close range. Shakespeare, if you're watching, cover your eyes my friend!

The violent and gruff aspect is underlined by the super exaggeration of the staging. This acts as a cover for a few moments but quickly, the game's biggest weakness will gain ground. Indeed, by dint of blowing everything up in every direction, we realise that playing calmly and ensuring a minimum of skill is just not possible in Saints Row. Everything is done in a rush. Sometimes it's precise, sometimes it's 5 meters from the target.

This is a headshot

Moreover, the AI and the difficulty level take into account this constant inaccuracy. You can take an incredible number of bullets. If the leitmotiv of the licence is to stage a no-holds-barred romp, it would still have been wise to take care of the precision of the controls. Being able to do anything shouldn't mean being able to do anything at all. This is the case.

When you take control of the vehicles, there is no finesse to the driving. The notions of drifting and driving are reduced to their simplest form. In this respect, the title is 10 years behind. It's a shame. The aiming and control of your arsenal are from the same age. 

And yet, all this little world is also customizable. We would have liked to have been able to enjoy it with the pad in hand as well, not just for the pleasure of the eyes. Some of the chases are well staged and well paced, but again, it's messy and rather random. 

Finally, to complete this bad loop, the manipulations and mechanisms tend to be repeated over and over again... so the interest of the gameplay falls to the water, leaving only room for this venting of anger which transgresses all the limits of political correctness.

Scarface in Sim City

To grow and establish your reputation in Santa Ileso, you'll have to control the city. In this respect, Saints Row has opened the doors to conquering your environment, through the most anecdotal details. Thus, in addition to the fairly classic main missions, your smartphone will also show you a panoply of accessory challenges. 

Among these challenges, you'll have to take control of and manage lots of little city services such as rubbish collection and even insurance fraud. This big gap between your missions is nice on paper but in reality it's terribly redundant. 

The reading of the fight scenes is sometimes difficult to decipher as it is such a mess on the screen!
The reading of the fight scenes is sometimes difficult to decipher as it is such a mess on the screen!

The chases with the police look the same, and tend to get boring in the long run. Note that the title is playable with two players. Even if this grants a slight reprieve from the tolerance of repetition, it doesn't save it.

The environment has a very western feel, and the open-world concept lends itself particularly well to this. Unfortunately, here again, your movement tolerance is very limited. The conquest of the city is rich, but too scripted and ultimately unrewarding. Another disappointment, while the ideas are great, you can even build your own Trump Tower! 

Not to mention the number of hours that collecting all these tasks will take. We were almost there. Finally, the stunts and other action scenes follow the same pattern. It's a shame. Where the Saints Row niche says: Be your own boss, reality catches up with you and reminds you that the real boss is the game.

Technical - Do you like cucumber pie?

What a waste! The move to reboot the series and breathe new energy into it made sense. Relying a little too much on the old mechanics is unfortunate. However, it can be digested by neophytes. On the other hand, the technique must be up to date! 

The Old West intentions are excellent, the general design fits perfectly with the second degree that transpires from every pixel of the adventure, but the realization suffers from far too many aesthetic defects. 

She-Hulk is fashionable, but I will never let myself be influenced by current events!
She-Hulk is fashionable, but I will never let myself be influenced by current events!

The look of the characters will immediately catch your eye. Some passages are very beautiful, but they are quickly put into perspective by the often sloppy characters. Worse, from the very first scenes, clipping effects announce the colour. They reveal a lack of finish in the direction. The lack of visibility, often linked to environments that are too compartmentalized and strangely impractical, ends this bitterness.

I reassure you, Stray is not playable in Saints Row... Neither is the nipple man... !
I reassure you, Stray is not playable in Saints Row... Neither is the nipple man... !

I find it so frustrating to see so much effort put into the creation of a "new" universe, only to have it not be given the means to be portrayed as it deserves. So, while new players may not feel the frustration of gameplay that they've seen before, they may not appreciate the technical underachievement. I'm curious to read your reactions in the comments in this regard.

My opinion on Saints Row

Saints Row wanted to give itself a facelift. For the time being, not wanting to age too much, Grandma offered herself a plastic surgery to a surgeon who didn't have the shoulders anymore. 

When the work is too big, it's good practice to deconstruct, to build a new project on new foundations. With Saints Row 2022, the ghosts of the past have not completely disappeared, to let in new ones.

It's a pity, because the second degree and the totally offbeat approach of the licence has its place in our world which tends to take itself seriously more often than not.

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