Nvidia makes the metaverse more realistic

Nvidia is getting even more involved in the metaverse with its developer kit.

Like the other giants of the digital sector, Nvidia is attempting a foray into the metaverse. More precisely, the graphics card manufacturer wants to assist developers of virtual worlds. It is therefore offering a kit dedicated to metaverse technicians, the Nvidia Omniverse. The latter includes a number of innovative tools.

Nvidia makes the metaverse more realistic

A kit for virtual world creators

On Tuesday 9 August 2022, Nvidia made an announcement about its ambitions for the metaverse. In particular, we were given more information about the Nvidia Omniverse. This is a kit of specific development tools. This metaverse-focused software will help shape the virtual worlds of tomorrow. By using Nvidia Omniverse with programs such as Nucleus, Machinima or Audio2Face, creators will be able to create new possibilities.

The graphics processor manufacturer claims that users will be able to create real digital twins. 

The Omniverse kit has been designed to enhance the quality of virtual avatars, as well as their interaction with the rest of the world. Nvidia Ominverse will be powered by a new engine: the Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine.

The Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine, or ACE, will make avatars' emotions more realistic. 

It will be able to be coupled with Audio2Face, in order to improve the animation of faces and by extension social interactions. Nvidia wants to outperform its competitors by leveraging the skills of its teams. This affirmation of their positions comes at a time when Meta is asking AMD for help with its metaverse.

Nvidia is part of a collective of several tech giants working to set the standards for the virtual worlds of the future. The group includes Nvidia, Meta, Microsoft, Adobe, Epic Games and Alibaba. It is clear that the concept interests all the big names in the industry.

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