The ergonomic gaming chair Backforce One Plus

The Backforce One Plus is the ergonomic gaming chair you need to sit comfortably. 

The Backforce One Plus is the ergonomic gaming chair you need to sit comfortably, because if you choose this chair, your back will thank you forever.

I really like the design of the Backforce One Plus. All the controls of the Backforce One Plus are located underneath the seat. The backrest of the Backforce One Plus is made of a board that supports the back perfectly.
I really like the design of the Backforce One Plus. All the controls of the Backforce One Plus are located underneath the seat. The backrest of the Backforce One Plus is made of a board that supports the back perfectly.

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  • Une chaise gaming avec des réglages ergonomiques
  • Assemblage de la Backforce One Plus
  • Gros plans sur les réglages disponibles
  • Le confort de la Backforce One Plus
  • RGB et personnalisation pour l’Esport
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The Backforce One Plus Chair

The brand was born in 2019 with the ambition to create the ideal chair for gamers and the esport industry. It is sourced from German chair manufacturer Interstuhl with a 10 year warranty on each product. This is great news for the carbon footprint of the product, compared to chairs made in Asia, but also for the working conditions during manufacturing.

A gaming chair with ergonomic settings

If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, you probably know that a good chair is essential. Whether you're gaming or working, it's very important to be able to adopt a good posture to avoid future back pain. It is therefore possible to opt for a gaming chair, but be aware that it will never be as good as a real ergonomic model. 

That's where the Backforce One Plus comes in. It's a chair with a purely gaming design, but with many more adjustments than the competition. In short, this is a product that outperforms brands like Secretlab by offering real ergonomic adjustments, but is slightly more expensive.

Assembling the Backforce One Plus

First and foremost, the assembly of the Backforce One Plus is a little more complicated than that of traditional gaming chairs. This is to be expected as we are dealing with an ergonomic model with a number of adjustments that I will detail later. 

The big difference here is that the backrest is attached to the underside of the seat. I actually put this chair together without much thought, but it became clearer once I started using it. Basically, this process is used to tilt the seat significantly when you tilt the back, which I think is really great. In short, it takes about half an hour to assemble the One Plus on your own (but frankly, it's better with two people). All the necessary tools are supplied with the chair and the instructions are very clear.

A closer look at the available settings

The Backforce One Plus is a product that offers many more settings than conventional gaming chairs. This is immediately apparent when you first use it. It should be noted, however, that even after several days of use, you may feel lost among all the adjustment knobs, which are all located under the seat. Apart from that, the whole thing is a real treat. So let's take a look at all these adjustment options together.
  • The 5D armrests: they can be adjusted in all directions like the 4D armrests and can be folded back completely if you want to get closer to the action in game. They also have magnetic padded armrests that can be removed if you want thinner, conventional armrests.
  • The seat: it can be adjusted forwards or backwards, allowing each user to have the perfect seat depth. And it can also be tilted slightly upwards or downwards. As for the more traditional features, the height and tilt tension can also be adjusted.
  • The backrest: it can be tilted backwards from 90 to 135 degrees. So it's not possible to lie down on the Backforce One plus, but honestly, who does that? And as I said before, changing the backrest angle also changes the seat angle slightly, which is really nice. Another thing I noticed is that the lumbar support knob is not on the backrest, but under the seat, which I find a bit counter-intuitive.
You dreamed it, Backforce did it: the RGB chair - Backforce One Plus, the chair that looks good even from behind.
You dreamed it, Backforce did it: the RGB chair - Backforce One Plus, the chair that looks good even from behind.

  • The lumbar support: The whole thing is fully adjustable with a single knob. If you use it in its initial position, it allows you to change the depth of the support and if you pull it, it allows you to change its height. The only thing I would have to say about this system is that you have to put a lot of pressure on the wheel to make these adjustments, which will certainly displease the less robust users.

The comfort of the Backforce One Plus

As you can see, once the Backforce One Plus has been correctly adjusted to your body type, you will enjoy unlimited comfort. Let's go back to the seat, which is made up of a softer foam on the inside and a harder foam on the edges to support the hips. 

The backrest is also very appreciable as it can accommodate even the broadest of shoulders and is perfectly adapted to the spine thanks to its "S" shape. The backrest is also made of a board that supports the back much better than the metal structures of traditional gaming chairs. The magnetic padded elbow rests are a real plus that I love. The material is very pleasant to the touch and provides unparalleled comfort for the elbows and forearms.

RGB and customisation for Esport

It's no secret that being comfortable in front of your PC increases performance. So it makes sense that the Backforce One Plus is a popular model in the sports world. Especially since it can be customised to your team's colours. First of all, let's talk about the badges that are attached to the back of the chair with Velcro fasteners on the shoulders. 

The basic design is Backforce, but you can order custom ones from the manufacturer's website. All you have to do is choose your text and colour and you're done. The back of the One Plus is also equipped with a small RGB module that can be removed to recharge it and, why not, slip in your team logo. It's silly, but it's worth thinking about. And what's more, I think it looks great.

Backforce One Plus review

There's no point in beating about the bush, I was really taken with the Backforce One Plus. When I first saw it, I was immediately taken with its unusual design and when I started using it, I fell in love with its many ergonomic settings. Unfortunately, all this comes at a price and to buy this chair you will have to pay around 690 euros. It is possible to buy a cheaper model for 530 euros, but it does not come with features such as the 5D armrests or the lumbar support. 

It's also worth noting that the One Plus doesn't come with its neck support, which I think is a shame for such an expensive seat (the latter is available for 25 euros on the official website). Apart from that, I don't really have any other reproaches to make to this chair which buries all the other models I could test before. Go for it, you won't be disappointed!

Final test score

The BackForce One Plus chair comes out of our weeks of testing with a small six. First of all, we appreciate the long warranty and the fact that the product is made in Germany, which guarantees a more controlled carbon footprint, and this is important in 2022. 

The assembly of the seat is relatively simple, but rather poorly explained by the instructions provided. The best thing is to take two people to do it. Once this stage has been completed and the adjustments are numerous but difficult to make, the office chair is ready for use.

After several weeks, we came to the conclusion that the BackForce One Plus chair could find its audience among those who are looking for a chair with a comfortable seat, but a very rigid backrest that forces them to adopt a very upright posture. 

The seat does not fit the canon of ergonomic seats designed to accompany the worker for dozens of hours over the years, but rather that of gamer seats, designed to look good, sometimes to the detriment of ergonomics and the back. Fortunately, it doesn't reproduce all the codes of the gaming chair, and you can still feel the historical German chair manufacturer at work, especially in the quality of manufacture.

The only downside is that the little microUSB lamp needs to be recharged regularly and is made of cheap plastic. We really could have done without it.

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