Philips 16B1P330 Portable Monitor: test the solution for being productive on the move

Today we're testing a USB Type-C portable monitor, which allows you to have a second screen on your laptop to increase productivity. Is it an interesting accessory? I think so and I'll explain why.

Philips 16B1P330 Portable Monitor

Philips 16B1P330 Portable Monitor: test the solution for being productive on the move

Philips 16B1P330: Video presentation

Why use a portable monitor?

If, like me, you work all day long on a large screen or on two screens, you have become accustomed to this comfort which allows you to carry out your tasks much more efficiently.  So yes, when I'm on the move, I get by with my laptop screen, but whether it's 13", 15" or even 17", I still lose a lot of productivity. Today, with the Philips 16B1P330 monitor - a real lightweight - that I take with me along with my Logitech MX Mechanical Mini, I have a real mobile workstation with two screens and my mechanical keyboard to type my articles super fast: it's really great.

What does the screen look like?

There's not much to complain about with the screen, and I had already used an AOC screen of the same kind a few years before.  This new Philips 16B1P330 screen has several advantages:
  • Lightweight
  • IPS panel
  • LED lighting
  • Hinged stand
  • USB type C or A operation
  • Pouch included
When you receive the screen, it comes in a well-packed box and straight after connecting it to my Dell XPS 13 via USB Type C, it was fully usable. I only needed to change the settings in Windows to tell it which side the screen was on, ask to extend my desktop and display items at 100% size to make the most of the space I had available.

The colors of the screen are very good and its refresh rate of 75Hz is more than sufficient. I don't know if you can connect several of them to your laptop, I didn't have the opportunity to test this point.

A mobile workstation

I'm going to repeat myself, but this new screen, along with my 13-inch Dell XPS ultra-laptop and a 60% mechanical keyboard and my MX Vertical mouse make for a really interesting combo because I literally have everything I need to work in the best possible conditions in a backpack. The whole thing is compact, light and now accompanies me wherever I go.

The hinge system is very practical

If, like many people, you also work from home, this is a great alternative to find the comfort of an office on a temporary location in the kitchen or garden?

Opinions Philips 16B1P330

Available at the aggressive price of 239€, I think this Philips 16B1P330 is a good companion for my laptop and should please everyone. For the next version I hope Philips can integrate an HDMI port as it would be great to be able to use this type of screen with my Fire TV Stick 4K Max dongle on the go.

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