Review Sony Inzone H9 Gaming Headset

Today I'd like to introduce you to the Sony Inzone H9 headphones, the latest innovation from the Japanese brand.

Already a strong presence in the headphones and earphones market

Sony had not really invested in the gaming market until now, despite the huge presence of its consoles in living rooms around the world. 

Review Sony Inzone H9 Gaming Headset

This is now done with the new range of products called Inzone, which is geared towards gaming. Before presenting you very soon the Inzone M9 screen that Gwen has already briefly mentioned and the Inzone H3 headset, let's focus today on the spearhead of the range with the Inzone H9 headset.

Video presentation of the Sony Inzone H9 headset

The Sony Inzone H9 headset is unpacked and comes in a box with a wireless dongle, a charging cable, the manual and Inzone logo stickers.

The headset is made of plastic which looks good and allows it to weigh in at only 330g including the microphone. With its black and white tones, the PS5's colour code can be found and the PS5, Inzone M9 screen and Sony Inzone H9 headset are completely matching.

I find the earpieces a little too bulging for my taste in terms of design, but once on your head, you immediately feel a good comfort thanks to the leather earpieces and the padded headband.

Each side of the Sony Inzone H9 headset has its own set of convenient function buttons. On the right is the power button, the Bluetooth connection button and the chat/game sound balance button. On the left, there's a volume control, a button to activate/deactivate the noise cancellation mode or the ambient sound and the USB-C input for charging the headset. Also on the left is the microphone, which when deployed, automatically activates the microphone function.

Sony Inzone H9 Headset - Not just for PS5

The headset can be paired either via Bluetooth or Wireless using the supplied dongle. This has the added benefit of being able to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and your console via the dongle so that you can answer calls while playing. In addition, although the Sony Inzone H9 headset is inspired by the PS5 design, it also wants to conquer PC gamers. The dongle will therefore offer the possibility to choose between PS5 or PC.

The fact that it is connected to a PC will give you more opportunities to adjust the settings thanks to the Inzone software that must be installed beforehand. Indeed, this software will allow you to define your listening profile, to use an equalizer, to activate or deactivate the noise cancellation or ambient sound options... 

Moreover, and knowing that the headset offers a 3D sound option which is increasingly widespread and managed by the software, you will also be able to determine a profile for the spatial use of sound by taking the impression of your ear. Quite complete then. For PS5 owners, there's nothing like this except for the options to manage a headset in the PS5 menu. However, the Sony Inzone H9 headset is compatible with the new Tempest 3D technology found on the PS5. 

This means that on certain games such as Ratchet & Clank, GT7 or Returnal, the headset is compatible and should offer you even more immersion.

A 3D sound that brings a real plus

Let's turn to the performance of the Sony Inzone H9 headset. Overall, the experience is really good. The headset immerses you in your game or film without making any false notes and offering a really good spatialization. It's clear that the 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming technology offers a sharper rendering but the PS5 is not to be outdone and whether playing Ratchet, GT7 or watching a movie, 

Sony Inzone H9

I really enjoyed the sound provided. I also tested the Sony Inzone H9 headset for my video conferences and there, a little downside. If I can hear my interlocutor perfectly, he was complaining about my voice being rather monotonous compared to usual, so the rendering is not as good as usual and perhaps it should be reviewed.

As for the noise cancellation, it does its job very well and isolates us from the rest of the world, while not completely cutting off all ambient sound if it is loud. It's just a click away from turning it to ambient sound to stay connected with your loved ones. This is obviously the same device as the Sony XM5, which we no longer need to introduce.

As far as autonomy is concerned, count on up to 32 hours (without noise cancellation activated) and know that you only need to charge it for 10 minutes to benefit from an additional hour of autonomy.


At first glance I wasn't a fan of the design of the Sony Inzone H9 headset but I have to say that it fits perfectly with my PS5 set. The sound is really convincing, the comfort is there and the 3D rendering is a real plus for gamers. Apart from the microphone, this is a headset that does really well and that you can find for a price of 300 euros. Similar to other products but not necessarily offering the same design or 3D sound. So it's up to you to make up your own mind!

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