Sony Inzone H3 Headset : Gaming Headset Review

Sony Inzone H3 Headset

Today we are once again looking at one of the new models in Sony's new gaming section with the Sony Inzone H3 headset. Unlike its big brother, this is a wired headset with less technology and therefore much more affordable with a price of 99 euros.

Video presentation of the Sony Inzone H3 headset

Unpacking the Sony Inzone H3 headset

In the packaging (without plastic and made entirely of recycled materials), we find the headphones, the user's manual and a USB dongle for connecting to a PC (in order to be able to access the Inzone Hub for settings).

When you hold the headphones in your hands, you get more or less the same feel as with the Inzone H9. The whole thing is made of good quality plastic and the headphones weigh in at around 300 grams (without the cable). The headband is padded for comfort and the ear cups are also padded and made of nylon material (as opposed to leather on the H9).

The left earpiece with its volume button and microphone

On the left earcup there is a button to adjust the volume as well as the microphone which can be turned on or off by lowering or raising it. That's it for the function buttons. The cable is 1.2m long, which is enough if it's to connect to the PS5 controller. On the PC, the USB extension cable will keep you comfortable under any circumstances.

Sony Inzone H3 headset in use

As you'd expect, given its price, the Sony Inzone H3 headset doesn't offer noise cancellation or ambient sound. However, it does come with the new 360 spatial sound technology, but again, on PC via the Inzone hub. Don't worry though, on PS5 this software is now integrated with Tempest 3D, giving you a comparable, if less customisable, experience.

Performance-wise, the Sony Inzone H3 headset is a good headset for gaming. Thanks to the 3D sound, you can really feel the sounds coming from all sides and the immersion is really good. On the other hand, as the emphasis has been put on powerful bass, I find the highs and voices less well rendered (test carried out on the song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen).

Finally, the microphone is well made and will transmit your voice clearly even if it is not very warm at times, as we already noticed on the H9 model.

Opinions on the Sony Inzone H3 headphones

The Sony Inzone H3 headset is a good gaming headset for those looking for something in the 100 euro range for great immersion and without the need for noise cancellation or wireless.

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