Test Gamesir X2 Pro with Xbox Game Pass

The Android smartphone controller news is very active at the moment and manufacturers do not stop releasing improved models. 

Test Gamesir X2 Pro with Xbox Game Pass
Gamesir X2 Pro - test with a great Android game

This is the case of Gamesir who, after having proposed the Gamesir X2 and the Gamesir X3, now proposes the Gamesir X2 Pro controller which is a greatly improved version correcting all the defects. It is also licensed by Xbox, like the Nacon MG-X Pro controller, which is perfect to enjoy the Xbox Game Pass offer via the cloud. 

Is Gamesir X2 Pro the perfect smartphone controller? 

Gamesir X2 Pro: in collaboration with Xbox

The Gamesir X2 Pro controller is a controller in which the smartphone is placed in the middle, like a Nintendo Switch controller. This is the format found in almost all current proposals and is in my opinion the most practical/ergonomic. 

The controller here is connected to your smartphone via the USB-C port that powers it, and it is natively recognized in Android. 

Gamesir X2 Pro - Sober and very efficient system for placing the smartphone

The collaboration with Xbox means that the buttons and layout are familiar to everyone and generally used in all games. The popularity and compatibility of the Xbox controller on PC/Android is such that almost all games on the market have it natively integrated. This collaboration with Xbox is therefore perfect for improving the user experience in every respect.

Gamesir X2 Pro: In practice

In practice, the sliding system for inserting the smartphone works well and the plastics used give a quality feel: this is not always the case, including for controllers from major brands (hello Razer). Gamesir makes an excellent point as it is now possible to use the controller while leaving the smartphone's protective cover on your phone: the opening goes from 110mm to 179mm

Gamesir X2 Pro - official Xbox keys

As far as the buttons are concerned, they did a great job. The feeling on the analog sticks is one of the best I've seen on this type of controller because it feels like an Xbox controller. As for the triggers, it's really great: they implemented analog triggers on the back to control acceleration for car games or braking and triggers with audible switches on the front.

They also added 2 M1/M2 buttons that fall under your ring fingers so you can place additional functions on them. This is pretty good for FPS's as it allows you to jump while firing a grenade, for example. If you play Fortnite or PUBG, you should like this.

Gamesir X2 Pro - Back of the controller

To play for hours and hours: they have also provided a USB Type C port to charge your phone while you play.

The Gamesir App

The Gamesir App, available in version 4.2.9, is now pan compatible so you can use it with the phone in your controller. It allows you to update your controller, but also to download automatic mapping for games designed for touch. For example, if you're playing a sports game with action buttons on the touchscreen, the software can provide an automated mapping to replace those buttons with the controller's buttons. This is great for games that don't have the Xbox controller integrated into their management.

Opinions on the Gamesir X2 Pro

The Gamesir X2 Pro controller lives up to its name: the manufacturer listens to the brands and the community's suggestions and this is reflected in the final product. 

Test Gamesir X2 Pro with Xbox Game Pass

The Gamesir X2 Pro controller corrects everything that was wrong with the previous models for a near perfect result. All that's missing is the adaptive triggers and PS5-style HD vibration and it will be absolutely perfect! I also hope that an iPhone version will be released soon, but it's never easy as you know with Apple.

Click here to download the Gamesir app

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