Xbox and Fable developers at odds over reboot communication?

While the reboot is highly anticipated by the fans, the communication seems to be done with a trickle...

Some of you are probably already waiting for it, the reboot of the famous Microsoft RPG, Fable, is in development! 

Xbox and Fable developers at odds over reboot communication

However, since the announcement, little content has been revealed, so many fans have been wondering. But don't panic, if the communication seems to be done in dribs and drabs, it's not because of development worries, but because the developers and Xbox seem to be at odds on this one.

The developers are the ones blocking the communication around the game

It was during an interview at PAX West 2022 that Matt Booty, the director of Microsoft Studios, discussed the silence around Fable and answered some questions. According to him, there would be a disagreement between the developers of Playground Games and him about the communication.

For his part, he only wants to show more about the Fable reboot, which he says is well underway. He then explains that it is the developers of Playground Games who want to communicate information about the game later. Indeed, he says, "Part of my job is to provide cover for the team, they don't want to show things early until they're ready. 

If there's one game where that's kind of reversed, where every time I see something I say, 'We should show this,' it's Fable, because there's a lot of cool stuff ... The team has made it clear that I can't show anything until it's ready."

Of course, while Microsoft and Matt Booty have the final say, they seem to be listening to the developers and respecting their wishes to not communicate about the Fable reboot until later, when everything is finished. 

Now, there's nothing left to do but wait for the first information about the game, when the developers at Playground Games decide it's time.

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